Why you should have a photo shoot in the snow.

In general people tend to head indoors in the winter and snuggle down to hibernate, heading outdoors only when necessary. However, here in Switzerland at least, and the neighbouring French Alps, people know how much fun it is to play in the snow. They have a great time skiing, sledging, snow-shoeing or just lounging in an outdoor Jacuzzi or thermal spa. So, why do people tend not to book their photo shoots during the winter? There’s really no reason not to. Here’s why…

Dressing up to keep warm can be used as a feature. Beautiful hats, from fluffy and woolly to all out fur-lined can make a fantastic frame for a person’s eyes and faces. It really sets them off, especially if the colour if correct. Long woolly coats can be a real statement piece. Couples and families all snuggled up together in warm woolly jumpers lends a real sense of warmth and intimacy to a picture.

Tara – Frosty Smiles


TP2 (1 of 1)
See how the snow lights up his face and eyes.



A snowy backdrop is better than a studio white background, any day of the week. Studio backdrops are designed to be matt and absorb light. Whereas the snow will reflect light, bouncing it back onto a person’s face and into their eyes giving the most incredible light. The snow also acts as an amazing soft box, diffusing the light, making it soft and very flattering. In the photography business, photographers use wrap around beauty lighting to flatter people’s faces, iron out the wrinkles and so on. The reflected light from the snow will do that for you!

Atena – Winter Wonderland Snowflakes’ Dance
Reiner Girsch – Street, Portrait


Also, how many studios are truly big enough to let loose and play in?

Gaudi – Sonja und Jens


Out in the fantastic natural studio of a snowy landscape there is all the room to play you could imagine. Let the children run loose, throw snowballs, build snowmen, throw snow, sledge in it and so on. All of this will lead to beautiful genuinely fun filled pictures. Huge grins and laughter as everyone gets to play and be themselves, forgetting the photographer is actually there. In fact, in this situation, the photographer really doesn’t have to direct you very much at all.


Hernán Piñera – Landscape
Michael Reinhold


And what if it’s snowing at the time of the shoot? Even better I say, as then we can get some truly magical photos. Falling snow will create such a peaceful and special setting for the photos that nothing else can quite recreate.

Aimee Custis – couple kissing

Did you know that it’s quite difficult to get snow scene photos correct in camera? The white balance and metering can make the snow grey if the camera settings aren’t quite correct, or worse it will lead to blown out, bleached pictures. Snow scenes need to be overexposed in order for the snow to come out correctly! If that sounds like too much bother, why not get a professional to help record you having lots of fun in the snow and create some truly magical memories.


Please note, some photos in this blog are used under a creative commons license and are attributed to their original owners with a linked source.






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