Venetian Carnival, Annecy #VenetianCarnivalAnnecy #CarnivalOutfits #Annecy #EventPhotography

Unless you have a VIP pass, it’s not easy to get killer photos at a huge event like a carnival. There will always be someone’s elbow or camera exactly where you don’t need it.  So, the best thing to do is adapt. Grab the full length, beautifully composed shots where you can, but for the rest of the time, use a good zoom lens and get in close using the camera.

For most of the photos taken today, I had a minimum of three to six people in front of me. In a few cases, I got down low and shot from the ground to avoid the elbows and other times I used live view and shot over people’s heads. In other instances, I shot from the side, whatever works!

The Venetian Carnival in Annecy runs every February, and will be on tomorrow, which is the last for this year. I found out about the carnival from the fabulous Geneva Family Diaries. Here they list other carnivals that are happening in the area if you fancy trying your hand.Geneva Family Diaries, List of carnivals, 2016 #VenetialCarnivalAnnecy #AnnecyVieilleVille #EventPhotography #CarnivalPhotography #PhotographyTips





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